Ike & Esra have been working with thousands of people for over a decade now.

These are the testimonials from workshops, books and private sessions.

Once I heard Ike talking about the fee for the certification program, a program that you can take either as a way to work on yourself or a way to become a transformational coach:

“You’ll probably end up manifesting the amount of money required to complete the entire certification program during the program, as you go through it module by module.”

I vividly remember thinking:

“These people must have no idea how much they’re charging. No way am I making that much money in such a short period. And these are such cliché marketing techniques.”

Later on those all turned out to have been prejudices of mine. I proved myself wrong. I ended up manifesting the whole program fee, and I was able to pay off my total debt of $450,000. Plus I now have enough money in my savings account to pay for six brand-new certification programs all over again:)))

Before the certification program, I was a timid gazelle, full of fear. Fear of the future, fear of “something bad will happen to me,” fear of being wrong/doing wrong (this last one I’d discovered in a session, thanks to you two).

Fear of this, fear of that — you name it, I had it.

Now, even in adversity, I say:

“What the heck — whatever happens in my life, it’s for my highest good, for sure!”

On the other hand, there had always been a part of me that I wasn’t okay with — being a mother. I had this burning anger toward my son, Aras. As I was exploring my existing belief systems, looking for what was angering me so much, I realized that the root cause of my anger was the animosity I kept feeling toward my ex-husband, Aras’s father. Whenever Aras acted just like his father (e.g., attempting to control me), something inside me would go mad and mentally scream:

“No one can treat me like that anymore — no one!”

What was happening in reality was that I was afraid of living the same things over and over again. I mean, can you imagine, me, a grown woman, being afraid of even her little one? I frequently applied anger-permission sessions, self-love sessions to this problem, and then one day I noticed that I no longer had this anger toward Aras. In the meantime, my son has changed a lot as well. He became a very chill, calm boy, full of love. So much so that yesterday when we woke up, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I can’t stop looking at you, mum, you are wonderful!!”

“Oh my!”

I was astonished. It was such a powerful sentence coming from such a young person. We’ve come to a place where we can communicate our love for one another in such a marvelous way.

I am so grateful, really really GRATEFUL that you contributed so much to freeing my son’s future by freeing me from my fear-based beliefs — grateful to you, Esra, in particular for having done that beautiful “Being the Solution” session with me, for waking me up to the fact that I can experience motherhood as a joy instead of a struggle.

Thank you so very much for teaching me how to experience all these miracles in my life! For everything you contributed to who I am today. Words are simply not enough to express it all.

Lots of love from me and Aras!

— Nilgun Tontu

“I can see so clearly now that all those difficulties were merely the natural result of my self-chosen Belief System: ‘The harder it is to get something, the more valuable it is.”

“I have a brand-new Belief System now: ‘Easy’ is much more valuable, much more fun!”

I got to be one of the participants in Ike and Esra’s 2021 Certification Training Program.

In one of the sessions when a participant was being coached, I was deeply affected by it, so much so that I had to hit the pause button to stop the recording, because I couldn’t help bursting into tears.

That day during the session, I came to a point where I had to face a number of decisions my younger self had made in my early childhood regarding my self-worth.

Right after this moment of confrontation, I made a powerful Being Choice – a concept I’ve learned from Ike and Esra that is a core part of their teachings.

My brand-new Being Choice was this: “From now on, I’m going to be a person who feels valuable the way she is, someone who never feels that she has to do various things to feel her value. Period.”

Right after this powerful moment, I felt a strong urge to “Work less and earn more.” It was a powerful intention that came from my precious Inner Being.

As though I were on autopilot, I found myself on the website of Westpac (a bank in Australia), applying for a position I thought I was fit for. And boom! I got hired! With a 62% increase compared to my previous monthly income. Right now, as I am writing these sentences, the bank is running a background check on me, and soon after that I’m starting my new job!

Another awakening point: I was going through a tough time back when I first moved to Canada, working in a restaurant, doing incredibly long shifts. I simply hated my job. Everything else in my life was equally difficult.

I can see so clearly now that all those difficulties were merely the natural result of my self-chosen Belief System: “The harder it is to get something, the more valuable it is.”

I have a brand-new Belief System now: “’Easy’ is much more valuable, much more fun!”

As a result, everything started getting so easy, so in-the-flow for me in my life in Australia.

Esra and Ike, I’m so grateful for your presence, wisdom, and knowledge, and the beautiful giving energy the two of you have.

This program has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made in myself. Thank you so much!

— Nafiye Erdogan

“They taught each of us to be the heroes and sheroes of our lives, and that all the power lies in our thinking, in our minds!”

Before the Certification Training Program:

I used to grind my teeth during sleep. Sleeping with a plastic mold in my mouth was no fun. However, according to my orthodontist, I had to use it every night, since my gums were getting worse and worse, day by day.

After the Certification Training Program:

Esra once gave us a specific breathing exercise as part of the Certification Training. On my very first round I felt a sweet sense of dizziness and I loved it. I slept like a baby that night. That was not a usual thing for me, so I decided to give it a go and started practicing this breathing exercise daily. I had had a deviated septum for years and had been told many times over by doctors that my left nostril was closed, no air was coming in.

First my left nostril opened up, and I started breathing through my left nostril for the first time in my life. In the following months, I stopped using the mouth apparatus I’d been using every night for years. I am so grateful to Esra and Ike for having created such a beautiful program where I’ve learned all these amazing practices.

In 2011, I got a biker’s cyst on my left knee joint. It was getting bigger and bigger. At the final stage, it was bigger than an orange. I consulted three orthopedists. They all pointed out that it was possible to remove the cyst surgically, but it was too risky — the cyst was too big to remove without damaging the joint and the cartilage, which could result in my being unable to walk. I was a single mom who had just gotten divorced, and I was starting over in life. Not being able to work, therefore not making money, wasn’t an option for me. So I chose not to go with the surgery.

I had terrible pain in my knees, particularly at night. Another challenging situation for me was how my knee looked. It was not nice. I couldn’t wear leggings, skinny jeans, or a skirt. This cyst lived with me in my body until 2018.

Never ever in my life had I considered the cyst was my body trying to send a message to me:

-“There isn’t any time or place for me in my life. I never have time for myself and myself only.”

This was a discovery I made in the Certification Program as I began to understand we can talk to our bodies and that each pain, disease, discomfort has a message for us, if we are willing to listen.

I joined Ike and Esra’s Certification Training Program in 2018. Kundalini Yoga was also a part of the program. One of the meditations Esra taught us was about healing our own bodies. I remember Esra saying:

“You may choose a subject in your life or a body part that you’d like to heal, and practice this meditation for forty days straight. Remember, during the meditation, just focus on your intention and forget about the how.”

I did it, just as Esra instructed us. Every day. Consistently.

Since my knee did not let me do the exercise in the classical yoga pose, I kept practicing it sitting in a chair. On day 15, two of my friends from the program came over to my house. We wanted to do our meditation practices together. All three of us laid out our yoga mats. My friends sat cross-legged in the lotus position. I did too. On autopilot, without even giving it a thought. Right then and there, one of them noticed:

-“Arzu? You’ve just sat down on the mat. What about your cyst, where did it go?”

An aha moment! Really, where did it go? I checked my knee. Nothing! It was gone!

I am beyond grateful to Esra and Ike for teaching me the power of intention, Kundalini Yoga, the importance of my focus, the value of being responsible for my thoughts, and for all the other beautiful teachings.

They taught each of us to be the heroes and sheroes of our lives, and that all the power lies in our thinking, in our minds!

Thank you, thank you so very much!

— Arzu Erensoy

“What seemed like a miracle was simply a demonstration of the fact that LOVE, in and of itself, is the most powerful healer ever.”

Hi, this is Birgül. I’m a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital.

One day early in the morning, during one of my 24-hour shifts at the hospital, I had one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. A baby was born weighing less than a pound and a half. A test-tube baby. As I was taking over the shift from the previous nurse, she had to update me about the baby’s general health status.

The baby had suffered a couple of cardiac arrests that morning. She had been given a cardiac massage and put on several medications to keep her alive. The preceding nurse concluded that she’d had a terrible night and was unlikely to make it.

In that moment I made up my mind,

-Just because she experienced it that way didn’t mean I had to experience the same reality.

I was a participant in Ike and Esra’s Certification Training Program. Thanks to them, I knew this was possible with every fiber of my being: “Each one of us creates our own reality.” Of course I couldn’t create on behalf of the baby, but I could choose to hold a different possibility for this tiny being and make a difference.

With this clarity of thought, I chose to focus only on the wonderful moments my beautiful baby and I were going to experience in the next 24 hours.

I took her in my arms, sang her lullabies, caressed her tiny body, her arms, her head. I kept telling her beautiful things from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, even though it was strictly against the rules of the hospital due to the infection the baby had, at one point I went with my gut feeling and took the baby to her mother. I asked the mother to touch her baby, caress her with love, tell her baby how much she loved her, how much she wanted her to stay. I told her how important it was for her to do these things over and over again.

It was around noon when I went to their room to re-check the baby’s blood gas parameters. I knew deep inside of me that we were going to get amazing results.

Her carbon dioxide level had decreased from above 70 to 42! All the other parameters were equally amazing! Her pale yellowish complexion had turned into a soft, healthy pink.

When the doctor came to visit the baby, he was totally shocked and asked me what kind of miracle I had performed. I jokingly told him that I had healing hands. 

What seemed like a miracle was simply a demonstration of the fact that LOVE, in and of itself, is the most powerful healer ever.

— Birgül Akdag

“I embarked on this journey asking these questions:

-Why am I like this?
-What’s wrong with me?

Today I am living my life feeling grateful for who I am.”

Ike and Esra are two people who generously share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom with you. But more importantly, they never stop reminding you of your power. You are so amazed by the manifestations that take place during the program you want to give all the credit to them. But they keep reminding you over and over again that everything is your creation. Nothing can happen without your permission and choice.

When I started working with Esra and Ike, I had many goals including having a home of my own and starting my own business and being my own boss.

With the Certification Program, I set off on a journey toward myself, diving deep into my inner world and forgetting about my goals. But at the end of my inner journey, I ended up achieving all of my goals.

I used to be stuck in a relationship I didn’t like. Today I am living my life as a single and very happy woman.

Today I enjoy living in an apartment that I was able to afford to buy even after it doubled in value during the course.

I used to be so afraid of leaving my job. Today I’m typing these words from my own office.

Think about it! You join a training program and you learn such amazing techniques and practices that you keep benefiting from them even after the course is over.

Ike and Esra have a marketing line:

“Nothing will ever be the same in your life again!”

It is so true. It isn’t.

During the course, my mom used to see me frequently pay tons of money for this course (for each consecutive module) and she thought I was crazy. She used to hear me crying frequently on top of that, whenever I had to face my self-limitations and victim stories, and she never understood that either.

Today, even she has been transformed by seeing and experiencing my personal journey.

I used to be a person who always chose to stay in her comfort zone.

Before, not a day went by when I didn’t feel fear. Today, even if fear comes up, the only thing truly on my mind is:

-How will I play this game tomorrow? – Not my fears.

I embarked on this journey asking these questions:

-Why am I like this? What’s wrong with me?

Today I am living my life feeling grateful for who I am.

Dear Esra and Ike, two amazing guides, thank you for being who you are!

— Cansu Sahin

“I learned to love myself more deeply and experienced freeing myself from my own limitations many times over. But what I treasure the most is that I transformed into a psychologist who has so much more to give to her clients now.”

As a psychologist, I read a lot and have continued throughout my career to take a variety of courses and attend educational programs about psychology. However, although there is a lot of valuable material out there, I would always feel as if there were a missing piece, especially in handling adult cases.

That missing link I found in the teachings of Ike and Esra, especially because they teach and coach in a manner that is so practical and applicable to daily life.

First . . .

I used everything I learned from Ike and Esra on myself and started experiencing shifts and incredible changes in my own life.

After that . . .

I began to use what I had learned on my clients, both children and adults.

Now . . .

I hold space for my clients by helping them discover their self- imposed limitations, their own dreams, and how they can reach toward and become their next desired version of themselves. I started connecting with my clients not just on a mental level, but also more deeply with the core of who they really are.

Most importantly, I transformed from a psychologist who sees clients as people who have problems that need to be fixed to a psychologist who recognizes my clients’ power to discover their own self-imposed limitations and find their own solutions, which empowers them.

I learned from Esra the best version of the “Inner Child” work I have ever come across. It changed my life deeply and in applying it to my clients now, I witness every day how effective it is.

On a personal and business level, I learned what it means to smile at my Ego, to raise my vibration, to own my inner power.

In the process of applying the teachings, I …

Found the perfect house

Set up my own business

Increased my income threefold

Created a relationship beyond my wildest dreams

AND got married . . .

I learned to love myself more deeply and experienced freeing myself from my own limitations many times over. But what I treasure the most is that I transformed into a psychologist who has so much more to give to her clients now.

Esra Banguoglu Ogut teaches, above all, by who she is and how she walks her path, and I thank my dear mentor for helping me advance in my career and set up a life that I love. I am forever grateful.

I have no doubt that with this precious book she will enable many more to awaken to their power.

— Melis Ozmen Bilgin, MA, developmental psychologist

“My prayer is that this breath-of-fresh-air book becomes a bestseller.”

I love, love, love this book! Esra Banguoglu Ogut is a mystic so ancient in wisdom and yet so young at heart. I feel her here in her “Earth self” as well as the other Esra who lives in another place full of light and life, and she shares how we can all do it.

In this read, Esra can reach everyone, and I mean everyone. Esra is talking and walking with the reader.

She never feels that she is above anyone, and is not talking at anyone.

She is just standing by the reader’s side, saying, “You can do it. I know you can. Let’s get going!”

My prayer is that this breath-of-fresh-air book becomes a bestseller.

— Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, author, Kundalini Yoga instructor, business owner, and the pioneer of prenatal yoga

“The day my attachment was broken my boss called to give me the good news.”

I had been waiting to be promoted for a year and a half. Usually the promotions happen in November in my company. I set my intention, became clear about what I felt I deserved to get paid, discovered and cleaned up my limiting beliefs around prosperity, and decided to fall in love with my worst-case scenario.

The day my attachment was broken my boss called to give me the good news. I had been promoted and I was offered exactly the amount I had envisioned. This happened in March—not only nine months early, not only a very high amount that I had only dreamt of, but also at a time when the company never made such decisions.

— Seran E. Macmillan, financial planner

“… with each dwelling and journey, I love myself more.”

I go to that poplar tree, where the lonely boy, ashamed by something that happened, leans against it. This was a long time ago, but that visual would come up every time I felt lonely.

However, it’s not the same child anymore because now I spend time with him. We sit together, we talk to each other, sometimes we play a game and wait for the school bells to ring together. A philosopher once said, “The motherland is one’s childhood”; this is where I dwell lately, and with each dwelling and journey, I love myself more.

Thank you for the inner child work.

— Cakir Aksit, lawyer

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