What do we DO?

We have a hard time answering that question and it’s not because we don’t know what we’re doing, LOL:))) but because what we do has many layers, techniques, and processes that we apply differently depending on who we are coaching at that moment. I think the more powerful and pertinent question is:

What will YOU get out of it?

Here, I think nothing is more important than sharing the journey of those who have experienced our programs before you. BUT before we go to the testimonials:

What is our VISION?

A long time ago our mentor, Darel Rutherford, said to us, “One person’s transformation at a time will change the world.” He was right. We love to witness clients learn how to transform themselves and overtime the ripple effect of how that change expands to touch their families, friends and communities. 

What we hold SPACE for?

We teach you how to connect to your own inner wisdom, your own answers, and guide you to discover the limitations you have set up for yourself, so that you can choose freely (not out of conditioning) who you want to BE and what you want to DO next.

What TECHNIQUES do we use?

Many. Some we learned, some we created when we got stuck in our own journeys:

– Inner child work.
– Raising the frequency.
– Dealing with the EGO’s natural resistance.
– Changing our state of BEING.
– Getting beyond our childish themes.

– Help you discover the belief systems that hold you apart from what you are yearning to create. 

The list goes on and on.

However, the most important key is really YOU, and the real question is, are YOU ready for more?

What makes you DIFFERENT?

We teach not just what we learnt from another source but a path we walked ourselves, developed and achieved results from.

Ike was a waiter, and I was selling shoes on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, hardly able to pay the rent on our apartment, which was only $800 or so at the time.

– First, we consciously manifested one another as partners. The best journey of all.
– Working together, we created our own company that started making more than a million dollars a year.
– We created a job that feels like playtime and we wake up to it with passion and inspiration every day.
– We created the ability to enjoy more and work less as we manifested growing profit.
– We moved to Hawaii:)))

All of the above didn’t happen overnight, as we fell into a lot of the classic traps of self-development.


– We have a lot of experience with the traps people fall into and why.
– We have a unique approach to defining the EGO and how to manage it as our partner instead of the enemy.
– We know that the BEING choice (a change in your state of being) is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal.

– Why DOING solutions alone don’t work.

Does what you teach work for EVERBODY?

Of course not!!! No one method or approach can be for everyone. Anybody who claims such a thing is

A) Either lying or doesn’t know better.
B) Discounting the fact that the most important ingredient is not the technique or the teacher but YOU.
C) Leaving out the reality that mountains will move if you decide so and nothing will move if you haven’t made a new choice yet.

So, how will I DECIDE if this is for me?

It sounds like a cliché but really, listen to your heart. Check out the video and written testimonials and if the experiences of others who have gone through our programs excite and inspire you, jump in! If you find yourself rolling your eyes, this journey is not for you and something else out there is.

What if I have more QUESTIONS?

You can contact us at hello@ikeandesranow.com.

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